We Care!

Inner City Mission is faith based initiative of Ambassadors of Zion, bestowed to us by God. Bible says in Psalms 68:4-5:

“Our God, from sacred home you take care of orphans….” (CEV)

God is the Father of orphans and His children it is our responsibility it is our responsibility to be concerned about the plight of the orphans.

Also Bible instructs in Deuteronomy 24:19

“If you forget to bring in a stack of harvested grain, don’t go back in the field to get it. Leave it for the poor, including foreigners, orphans, and widows, and the Lord will make you successful in everything you do.”

We are the extension of God, our Father and it’s through us that HE can bless the world; that is why God gave us the vision of starting the inner city mission. 

In the inner city mission we the Ambassadors of Zion, support many orphanages and along with that we provide food and clothing and basic education to the left out and destitute in various regions of India. Through our various programs we train them to make them able to be recognized as an able member of society. And above all we touch them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the only way of salvation.

We are very thankful to the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome which has inspired us in all that we are doing through the inner city mission.


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